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Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand there's not a ‘one-size fits all’ fitness program that works for everyone. Therefore, we do not offer the large classes in which instructors are not able to provide the attention we feel each participant deserves. 

We run similar to a personal training studio, offering Private or Semi-Private appointments, which are crucial to achieving your goals safely and mindfully.

Personal training is typically one on one coaching with a qualified instructor or semi-private training with 2-3 people.  Group classes are typically 5 people or more with one instructor. There are several benefits to both exercise options.

Benefits of private and semi-private training include:

  • Goal achievement – your trainer can help you to assess your fitness levels and set specific, safe and realistic goals.
  • Personalized Workout – each workout is developed specifically for you. Helping you to reach your goals safely and efficiently.  Personalization is key if you are in pain, recovering from an injury, or post-rehab, or looking for athletic conditioning for a specific sport.
  • Detailed instruction – Beyond demonstrating an exercise, your instructor can use many different ways of cueing and modifications to show you how to perform an exercise safely for your body. This is essential is lessening the risk of injury.
  • Motivation – Your trainer will find different ways of motivating you.
  • Accountability – You have someone to answer to and keep you accountable.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling – you are not limited to a class schedule.

​Pilates is a fitness system comprised of exercises done on varied pieces of specialized equipment, or alone on a mat. They will increase strength without bulk, improve posture, increase flexibility and agility, create efficiency in movement relieving unnecessary stress on the body, and increase body awareness.

Pilates is progressive and starts with strengthening your ‘Core’ muscles – the abdominals, pelvis, hips, lumbar spine and learning to properly stabilize and mobilize the shoulders and hips.

It's is more than just a fitness regimen, it is mindful movement. Mental focus is a key principle of Pilates. The emphasis is on quality of movement, not quantity. When performed properly, Pilates is a safe and low-impact form of exercise that will help you to achieve amazing results.

Whether you are looking to be pain-free in day-to-day activities or to increase your athletic abilities, Pilates will benefit you. To ensure safety and achieve maximum results, each exercise should be performed precisely with a certified instructor that pays close attention to detail for each participant’s body.

There are many different methods and approaches to Pilates instruction available.  Honor your body by educating yourself on what it is you are doing, exercise should be fun and knowledgeable! 

As with any good or service, you should always make sure to research the facility, instructors, and the certifications/license they hold to ensure the quality of what you are receiving.  Reputable trainers will have a certification from a highly qualified school of teacher training and be attending regular continuing education courses to maintain their knowledge and perfect their expertise. 

At On Point Pilates we teach the STOTT Pilates and Balanced Body methods which are internationally recognized and backed by decades of science.  We are constantly learning and finding ways to gain more knowledge.  We always encourage you to find a trainer and facility that fits your personality, schedule and budget.

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