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Stability Chairs

Stability Chairs

The Stability Chair is a multi-functional piece of Pilates equipment that can be adjusted to train most muscle groups.

It facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is also ideal for post-rehab clients or those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, helping rebalance muscles while providing a full-body workout. This sturdy piece of equipment helps the exerciser achieve upper- and lower-body strength and conditioning, enhance stability and improve body control.

Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barrel

From beginners to the fully conditioned exerciser, the Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength for every Pilates enthusiast.

This piece is designed for serious core conditioning and to increase flexibility and mobility.

Arc Barrel and Pilates Edge

These smaller items can add challenge and variety to any workout; alone or in combination with the larger equipment.

Your instructor will utilize these as needed to you achieve your goals.

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